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In Statements on 21 June, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Food, Glorious Food

– Lionel Bart

Today, and not without some eagerness, I tried goat’s milk yoghurt for the first time. Guess what: It tastes just like goat’s cheese. It sounds obvious I know, but it’s not, not at all. In fact it’s surprising and a little… disconcerting. I mean, sheep’s yoghurt hadn’t been so weird when I tried it recently. Please don’t misunderstand me, I really enjoy chèvre; especially on a cracker and with an appropriate wine beverage accompaniment. But chèvre is a cheese, and it tastes like a cheese (or at least up till now that is where my brain had categorised it based on all prior experience). I had been planning to put said goat’s yoghurt on my cereal, but upon tasting I felt that the goat’s yoghurt and I should become better friends, one-on-one, before moving on to anything as advanced and flashy as breakfast condimentation. After all, what has been yoghurted can not be un-yoghurted. What if I recklessly went ahead with the original plan and the resulting concotion tasted just like I had mixed goat’s cheese with my muesli?   : /

So, I was a little disappointed –  actually probably more perturbed than disappointed – at the prospects of my new culinary adventure cut short. After all, even when it comes to something as routine and humdrum as muesli you have to change it up every once in a while. But I didn’t want to risk ruining (or at least diminishing) my usual hearty enjoyment of what had become by this morning my dwindling cereal supply. And I was hungry. And short on time. So I gave in to my wiser (or just more risk-averse) self.

Despite this minor setback, I wasn’t discouraged from further partaking of the yoghurt by itself. In fact, in a congress that included just me, the yoghurt and a spoon, and with a little persistence and working together as a team, I managed to build a new-found and growing appreciation for it’s essential yoghurtiness. And the prognosis? I like it! So yes, I think next time it will meet my cereal.

Also, it was my birthday today. And I felt the love. Thanks all!

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